Roborock S8 with Xiaomi Vaccum Map Card

Hey there
I managed to connect my roborock S8 Pro Ultra with Home Assistant.
Therefore I used the Roborock integration from Hacks and the Xiaomi Vaccum Map card.
I am able to do everything.
Only one thing I dont understand. I imported the rooms from my roborock app.
With this code (e.g. for one room here) Im able to start a room cleanup:

  - name: Bereiche
    icon: mdi:select-drag
    selection_type: ROOM
      service: roborock.vacuum_clean_segment
        segments: '[[selection]]'
        entity_id: '[[entity_id]]'
      - id: '16'
          name: mdi:broom
          x: 11575
          'y': 32425
          text: Room 16
          x: 11575
          'y': 32425
          offset_y: 35
          - - 0
            - 20750
          - - 23150
            - 20750
          - - 23150
            - 44100
          - - 0
            - 44100

My problem is that I got more than 14 rooms (which is maximum in roborock app).
If I create a room that does not exist within my app, or if i delete all rooms there (and leave them in HomeAssistant) the robot goeas out of his station and directly returns.
There is no cleanup.

So my question is, how to create cleanable rooms in Home Assistant, without creating them in roborock app?

I just got mine tonight, can’t figure out how to create a camera entity that has the map on it. I use the roborock app now the xiomi home app

Same problem here. I have no clue what to enter as camera entity :frowning:

You are probably using the build in Roborock integration that is part of Home Assistant, you have to install one from HACS and use that.

This one I believe

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately the HACS integration doesn’t work with the new S8 line from Roborock. :frowning:

That’s the one I have, without the base. It works for me . I use the Roborock app with it

Here it is it the app

My integration page in HA

Thanks for sharing the infornation.
Are you able to select rooms that should be cleaned or can you just start the cleaning process for the entire floor?
If rooms can be selected, please give me a hint how. This is currently the functionality I want to use via HA. Thanks.

You can clean by zone, by room or full
You can set it to Vacuum and Mop or Just Vacuum/Mop . Right from home assistant

You will need the xiaomi-vacuum-map-card to make it work.

On the card it should show ZONE clean up by default, click that and them click ROOMS


Then clock the room(s) you want and make sure they are highlighted.

Then you can set the vacume or mop setting from the app as well.

Great functionality.

Yes, I tried this. But the Vacuum Map Card requires a camera entity. The S8 doesn’t have a camera, so I have no clue what to enter here. Besides the fact that the dropdown list is empty. :frowning:
How did you solve this with your S8. It shouldn’t have a camera neither!?

See my previous post, the reason your S8 does not have a camera entity (which is a snapshot of the map) is because you are using the Roborock integration that is built in to HASS found here

You want to delete that integration and use a custom roborock integration found here

I believe it can be installed with HACS . Then setup in integrations. This one will give you the map as a camera entity you can put in the card.

I have the same S8 and this integration and the map you see in the snapshot above comes from this integration. I went through the same issue a month ago when I got m vacuum. This was the fix.

To install this integration in HACS you have to add it as a customer repository. Otherwise it won’t show up.

Bring up HACS, top right, Customer repository, paste in the URL

Thank your very much for your patience!
I will give it one more try tomorrow - but must admit that I did this already several times. After connecting the Roborock with the integration it runs into issues and cannot complete the connection progress. As a result no entities are shown and an error message appears. It tries again and again but never succeeds.

So, unfortunately no success. I deleted the Roborock core integration, restarted HA, downloaded the HACS integration and the Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card and started the integration. After entering the 6-digit code for authorization I get this error message, saying “Setup failed, will try again”.

I just switched from the xiaomi integration to the roborock. How exactly do I display the map?