Roborock (Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum) -- is it supposed to work LAN only?

My internet’s been down for a couple of days, and I found that Home Assistant lost connection with my Roborock vacuum. The command-line miio tool also can’t interact with the vacuum anymore. I can still ping it, and it’s on my network, but obviously the Mi Home app can’t connect to it because of the lack of internet access (which is BS, but oh well).

Is this supposed to happen? I thought the miio tool worked over the LAN.

I don’t have this device but I guess it uses, by default, an internet connection such as most of these remote/app controlled devices.
As you might know, sometimes you can change the firmware to integrate devices directly into your LAN without the need of an internet connection, which doesn’t make them unusable when your internet is down.


that’s probably what @Nick4 said
I’ve actually flashed the firmware of my Xiaomi vacuum so as not to be reliant on servers in China (and I don’t want them to be able to see the map of my house either)
The added bonus is I can bring over to HA the vacuum map.
All the info I needed was here:

It does connect to the app and uses an internet connection, but the fact that you have to specify the local IP address of the vacuum in the Home Assistant integration (and the miio command line app I assume it uses) led me to believe it was communicating with it over the LAN. Why else would it only need an IP address and a token, right?

@lolouk44 Thanks for the link. I’d love to be independent of the Chinese servers as well. But I haven’t seen that the S6 can be hacked yet.