Roborock (Xiaomi) & Valetudo: Integration

Hi all,

I have just upgraded my Roborock S50 v2 vacuum cleaner with Valetudo and I would like to know which is your preferred method to integrate it in HA: Xiaomi component or the MQTT one. And why.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sorry to reply without something helpful, but I had never heard of Valetudo. The concept of rooting a vacuum cleaner is just…wow. What a time to be alive!

I use mqtt. Not all options in valetudo are working with the xiaomi component.

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I’m running Valetudo > mqtt (with my user roborock having permissions to write to topics “valetudo/#” and “homeassistant/camera/#”). I’m running the add-on (but you could build and run the container manually if you weren’t using The vacuum and icantbelieve both use the roborock user (hence the need to be able to write to homeassistant/camera too).

With that I get a vacuum and camera both autodiscovered through mqtt.

I’m still playing with how to make use of all of this in the UI, but I have a picture-entity card to show the valetudo map. And I am using custom:xiaomi-vacuum-card for the simple vacuum controls, and a simple entity card for the vacuum just to see the state. But I need to get zoned cleaning working, etc.

I don’t know if or something like is the way to go.