Robot vacuum

Hey all,

I’m about to buy a robot vacuum. Can anyone recommend one with good ha integration? I’ve reviewed the current supported ones non of them seem to have a sensor that shows whether it’s active or not. That’s quite important for me as I want it to disable my alarm when it’s on.


All of the supported vacuums report their current state. e.g. cleaning, returning, docked, error etc…

Look for the one with the easiest set up.

It was a bit of a chore to obtain the Roborock S50 token but it has been working well with home assistant since.

Thanks @tom_l

All the major brands will have some sort of integration options. And there’s plenty of threads for them to get them running ( I myself have one for the Roomba i7)

However, you could just as easily attach a door sensor between the robot and the dock to determine if it’s running :rofl:

I would focus more on budget and features as this will determine the value the vacuum brings to your home.

Haha fair point and a very novel solution!!

I personally like the xiaomi one as well, very configurable
And you can even do custom zone cleaning

Downside is that getting the token might be a hassle and warranty out of china

Yer really want to avoid anything where I have to go way off piste to integrate and given the current climate not sure I want anything from China :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice tho.

Looking like a Neato D7, has good integration without to much effort and seemingly has quite good reviews.

I have a Roomba 960 that works well with the default HA integration, but I’ve got this one table under which it gets stuck, and I really want a way either in the iRobot app or in HA to cordon off certain areas without using clunky physical beacons. I think some manufacturers have some limited ability to do this in their apps, so it’s something to consider.
Also this looks super cool (though I haven’t tried it yet due to what looks like a pretty complicated setup process):

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