Robotic Lawn Mowers 2020 Advice Needed

Hi there,
Im going to purchase a lawnmower for a small flat rectangular garden 20m*5m that has just a few corners and would be very keen to hear recommendations and feedback from those who owned robotic mowers.

As i see it now, priority for the mower are:

  • reliability (don’t want it to be stuck too often or get broken),
  • integration with HA,
  • price.

Is there anything missing that i should actually pay attention to?
And any particular model you could point me towards and should be looked at?

The prices vary a lot and not necessary clear why, so appreciate your advice…

Thinking about getting Flymo 1200R.
The only reservations are that model is quite old (a couple of years i think) and this tech must be developing very quickly and also not sure how easy integration is going to be.
But the info on the subject of integrating HA and lawn mower is limited so if you have experience please share :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I had a 1200R and upgraded to the flymo easilife 200…

  • Lawn is 80SqlM so the additional 320MSq arent of interest
  • EasiLife200 was being discounted to £450!
  • I got the 1200R cheap so I sold it made a litttle profit and put that to the upgrade~~

Jury out if the upgrade was worth it though… its a smaller machine and yes I now have a 2yr warrenty but the additional features dont seam that big a deal… The App isnt great…