Rocket Controller

Hi all,

just seen some cool devices from Rocket Controller, as DIN Rail mount.
Looks nice and has plenty of option (AC / DC IN / 8xGPIO)

What do you think?

Especially the expansion board on I2C is very interesting for a decent amount.

IMHO, nice to use whenever I need to have AC IN as source.

BTW: Does somebody know a DIN Rail mounted GPIO expansion I2C Board ?

I bought a relay board from Rocketcontroller with an RS485 interface. There is a manufacturing problem with the connector for the RS485 board, I have sent several emails to Rocketcontroller requesting assistance and have had no replies.

On the basis of this I would recommend not dealing with the company.

Okay… Yeah I connected the Tuya against it, unfortunately the device keeps restarting continously.
Indeed I wanted to connect RX2 and TX2 on PIN16/17 and the Jack for RS was not working.
Maybe I should consider to understand what I read.

Between the internal UART and RS should an RS Module plugged :frowning:
Okay, I want RX/TX so I am bridging these now.

Nontheless I did a lot of work to measure the board.

Here some useful links:

And my work (BTW: The PINs for the RJ12 are wrong. 1 is 6 and 2 is 5 and so on)

I found this thread while looking up an ESPHome config for the ESP32R4 board, which I bought without much research first (it was very cheap for the money!).

Just to mention that the ESP32R4 I bought this month (Nov '23) works well. It came pre-programmed with Tasmota which I was able to reflash to ESPHome over the web interface. BUT if using a serial interface board you MUST cut 4x PCB tracks and bridge 3x pads the other side of the cut. They are very small, but I was able to bridge them by overloading the soldering iron tip and dragging it across the pads. The instructions are on their website, eg this. I then connected it to my RS485 device (a flipdot sign) and it worked fine.

Their website has some example configurations:

The only thing to note is that their example is wrong with regards to the status LED, you need to configure it like this:

    number: GPIO2

For the RS485 interface, this works:

  id: your_id
  tx_pin: GPIO17
  rx_pin: GPIO16

So in summary, although I haven’t thoroughly tested it yet, it seems a good solution for having an ESP32, relays and serial/I2C etc all on one board.

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anyone tried USB to TTL on this device? I have a ESP32R4 – 4 Relays controller V4.
It just won’t upload via the USB.
I tried pressing the boot button, holding it, reseting the device while holding boot button, etc… and nothing works…
Any ideas?