Rogue devices, not appearing in entities. how do i delete them


i had to do a restore.

but deconz wasnt behaving after the restore. so i thought i’ll remove all devices and start again.

but i have 8 or 9 devices i can’t remove. they’re not listing in deconz. i’ve deleted them through phoscon.

ive tried removing deconz.

they’re still there in devices. they’re NOT there in Entities.

i’ve tried enabling. disabling. (through devices).

i’ve tried removing from lovelace. adding to lovelace.

the delete button is never there.

i cant re-add the real world physical devices back through deconz (suspect because they’re already in my devices list).

what do i have to do to reset and delete these devices (short of flattening hass again, again, again).

so annoying.
please help