Rogue door triggers in automation (EVL4 / UNO / Google Mini)

New here. I have a strange issue and am finding it tricky to search for a solution. I successfully connected my Envisalink UNO to HA as an EVL4 as directed by Eyezon tech. Sensors work, door and motion, states change. All good. I set up an automation to trigger audio off my Google minis when a door opens. Works great. BUT, I get rogue “Front door is open” triggers! They seem random, 1 every hour to two, not specific to any door (front and mud room have triggered). What I have noticed: they last exactly 30 seconds between open in close when I look at HA log; The UNO panel is not triggering them, log says doors have been closed for 50 minutes. Thoughts?

Interesting. Just noticed that the HA config is somehow triggering “Personal Emergency” on the panel somehow. Getting chimes at keypad and the UNO log shows them twice a minute since I setup UNO in HA. More to come…

Was this resolved?
I’m considering the same setup as you with an UNO to work with Home Assistant and Google Home. Would you still recommend this route over looking for a dedicated security panel with an EVL4?