Roku broken

Last night I upgraded from 87 to 100. Numerous things stopped working but I was able to resolve all of them except this:

Setup failed for roku: Requirements for roku not found: [‘roku==3.1’].

Googling this suggests it is related to the roku not authenticating itself on their network. This might be related to a new device id being created by the upgrade since google also forced me to reauthenticate my device. But my roku is working fine by its remote and there seems to be no way to reauthenticate

Anyone else having a similar problem?

Yes it seems that currently Roku entities are not being seen. I have not found a fix as of 100. yet. If you have it configured and you should get a notification after reboot saying your Roku is configured wrong. Now the Google part was fixed a while back on authentication.

I subscribe to the roku developers email. I think they pushed out a major update over the weekend.