Roku component improvements and a Roku app for HA

I’m new to the Home Assistant community (installed my instance two weeks ago), but a long time Roku developer, and have lots of Roku devices in my house, and noticed that the support for this device is currently pretty limited.

So I decided to work to improve this, I first created a small app to show my cameras on Roku, just using the RESTFull API and a long-lived token, but quickly realized that I needed to improve an (undocumented) feature of the Roku component. The documentation mentions that the play_media service only supports channel as media_type but that is incorrect, in the code it is possible to use the media_type as app, the limitation actually is that is not possible to attach to the launch() method the contentId deeplink to select the starting media (in my case, camera). So I made a small change on Roku component to allow add this id, as an optional comma separated parameter. This way is now possible for instance to start YouTube with your favorite cat video, but also possible to start my new app with the selected camera.

My question for the community is that if would be better to start sharing this change on Roku component as a custom component and only later push the PR or go with the PR now as this is a generic improvement to the core component?

PS. I will publish both codes to my Github soon, and share the links here.

I guess it depends on how confident you are that the update will work without issues.

and I’ve heard core PR’s are pretty daunting with all the hoops to jump thru to get the changes incorporated.

If it were me I would probably start out with it as a custom integration then when you are sure it’s good then start the PR process.

That way it helps those that want to use it now and gives you the time to start the long PR process in the background.

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It took me some time to write a minimum documentation but finally here are the repositories:


I will keep an eye on this thread if someone has any questions, or just create an issue on either repos.

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I’ve been using the Roku Integration, particularly the deeplinking functionality. Does anyone know if its possible to deeplink into Plex using the call service below? I can get it to work with Disney etc, but I can’t seem to find a plex program ID that works.

service: media_player.play_media
  media_content_id: 13535
  media_content_type: app
    content_id: 839194
    media_type: movie
  entity_id: media_player.roku_yy0001438323

Have you ever found a way?

Does this still work?