Roku remote card

Hoping to hear from someone who uses HA to control their Roku.

I added the Roku integration, connected to my Roku, got 2 entities: Media Player and Remote. And I added corresponding cards to Lovelace. The Media Player card does a few things.

The Remote card does… nothing. I was hoping for a bunch of buttons like the physical remote. Is the Remote entity card just a stub? Do I have to create my own card with functional buttons that make calls to the Roku API?

I use the Roku card that’s available in HACS as a remote


I saw that, but also saw the approximately 100 steps to install HACS :disappointed_relieved:

Is it feasable to create my own functional card using the facilities built into HA?

I don’t know what remote is but I use media player and it is good for basic stuff

Pause, play, stop, volume for cec connected device, power

You are correct. Navigation controls are missing. It may be possible to make these in Lovelace using service calls but I forget. Turning on list remote would be great but that’s missing as well

HACS is well worth the effort and is far easier than it seems. Once it is installed, you will be much happier for it.

remote toggles my tv on and off. Not sure what it would do to a stick.

Yeah, it calls the on/off toggle API. Woo hoo.

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Ok, I’ll take a run at it.

UPDATE: Ok it felt like about 200 steps, but I have HACS installed. SSH, command line, restart, integration, key, GitHub account, the whole thing. After I rest a bit, I’ll try installing the Roku card.

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I run HACS, search for a repository for “Roku” and get a page for the Roku Remote card. And I have absolutely no clue what to do next - nothing on that page tells me how to install it. There’s a line that says “Use HACS or follow this guide”. I click on HACS and get a web page for, well, HACS. I look at the “guide” and end up totally confused. Apparently I’m supposed to get a .js file somewhere, in that repository? It’s a “plug-in”?

After wandering aimlessly for a while in all this finely chopped “documentation” for HACS, GitHub, plugins and the rest, I gave up.

Guess I’ll just keep using my Roku remote.

When you open the link from HACS for this and you are looking at the documentation you will see in the lower right hand corner “Download this repository with HACS”. Click that to download it.

There is more to this one than just downloading it I feel. I have downloaded the repository and the card still does not show up in the card list when I try to add it to a dashboard. This is confusing for me as well. I think I may try and take the sample code in the card’s documentation and see what happens when I use it to make a yaml card.

I know this is an old topic, but I just posted my own custom Roku remote, which I think looks really nice and is full-functioned (and doesn’t require HACS):

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Almost done with my Roku card. Been long time coming.


The Firemote project now supports Roku! This could be the answer to your question.