Roku TV issues

I’ve had my HA running for about 2 weeks now. The day I started it, it instantly recognized my 2 Roku TVs and added them. A couple of days later, THE TVs had a red exclamation point and something about the API (no, I didn’t think to get a screenshot). I figured I’d delete the integration and reinstall it.

When I manually try to add the Roku service, it asks for a host address. That’s it.

Today, both TVs came up, but as HomeKit connections, not Roku. I restarted the server and now even the HomeKits disappeared.

Any idea what’s going on?

Just enter the IP address of the Roku, ensuring it is powered on when you do so.
Need to ensure these devices are accessible to HA, and also on Static IPs, otherwise when the DHCP lease expires, they will likely get a new address, especially if they have powered off.