Rollback to previous core version


I’m using HAOS on HA Yellow since a year now without any big problem.
Last week, I perform two update, first on operating system to go from 12.2 to 12.3, then on core to go from 2024.4.4 to 2024.5.3 and things start to going wrong. Something strange where UI is still available only the computer used to update but I can’t use it (nothing working), histogram not loading and some sensor (like weather) not showing data (but some others seems working)…
When I restart HA, it works normally during less than 24h and start to going wrong again.
In logs I have lot of errors about database, so I try to delete it to have a fresh one but nothing change.
I try many things like disabling some integration that I freshly update and at last I try to update to 2024.5.4 but nothing better.
So finally, I resolved myself to rollback to the core_2024.4.4 backup done before updating (the one proposed in update popup by ticking backup checkbox) and after restoring I discover that I’m still on 2024.5.4 and still having issues.
So my simple question is how to rollback to 2024.4.4 by using this backup ?

From the command line:

ha core update --version 2024.4.4

Thanks a lot !
And thanks to you I discover this documentation page:
Sadly, it hasn’t resolved my issue so I decide to also rollback the OS.
I have a first try by using this command line:

ha os boot-slot other

By it was not working, so I use this one:

ha os update --version "12.2"

And it works, now I’m on 2024.4.4 core with 12.2 OS, and I’m still having issue, it make me mad…
One last thing that I can try is to downgrade the supervisor too, but I have a doubt on it…
A strange thing that I notice is that, when I restore a backup, “home-assistant_v2.db” does not seems to be restored as I’m still having data since the reset on the DB while I restore a more older backup. I don’t know if it’s normal or not…