Roller blind motors Australia

What are people using? I have a few battery/rf blinds that work good with a Broadlink, but want to add more. Either pay $$ for somfy 240v and add a shelly, or battery zigbee - note these seem to be the “I still want insurance if my house burns down” options.

I’ve been looking everywhere for this too, please let me know if you find anything. It seems like internationally, the market is wide open here. I’m surprised no one has jumped in yet with a good, mass produced solution.

The best I’ve found so far is the Aqara A1 but they’re still pretty expensive for what they are (basically a motor…) and another drawback is they’re battery powered. They claim the battery lasts 2 months but I don’t want to have to change the battery at all, ever.

A power cable would be ugly, but superior imo. If you really wanted to you could run it through the wall. You can probably make your own power supply for the A1 rather than using the batteries.

I will probably buy one for now, until someone finally comes out with a better solution. There are lots of places to get them from in Australia. You can get them from JB Hi-Fi even.

I’m actually after the tube motor that goes inside the blind - not the Hobo solution (IMHO) that the Aqara is. I’ve ordered an aliexpress Tuya mains powered Zigbee motor to see how I like it. Also will call Spotlight Monday to see what they are selling, I think it’s Somfy.