Roller blinds from Ikea are inverted in Home Assistant

Hi, in the cover logic is something wrong.

I use the roller blinds from Ikea via deconz integration.

if moving the blinds from 0 to 100 then Home Kit accessory display CLOSING
if moving the blinds from 100 to 0 then HomeKit accessory display OPENING,

but if go to 100 then HomeKit accessory display OPEN and if go to 0 display CLOSED and that is wrong.

How I can “invert” it?

Using a template cover ( I think you can create your own cover that is opposite of the actual one. Not sure if there’s a better way though.


Do you have more than one blind and are they all inverted?

I only ask as I have 4 of them and only one was inverted. I deleted the pairing and repaired it and it was then correct.


I had solved it that way before, but by resettting (unpair) it again I was able to solve the problem, thank you very much.