Roller blinds intergration

I hope someone can help me out there. I have built a roller blind control as detailed in a YouTube video by DrZzs entitled DIY Smart Window Shades, via Esphome. All well and good and can use the integrated lovelace UI to create a card to operate them. I use hadashboard on another tablet and want to include my shade control into it. I have tried using the cover widget with no success. I have read somewhere to create a script which I have done and tried the script widget, still no luck. I have spent 3 full days on this trying various combinations and still getting nowhere. I,m running Appdaemon and Home Assistant 0.107.0. Anyone who can point me in the general direction? On lovelace UI I have a card showing 2 arrows, 1 up and 1 down plus a stop button, this is what I,m trying to include in my dashboard