Roller shutter and door sensor

Hi, I have a roller shutter hooked up and also a door sensor.

The door opens inwards, what would be the best approach to not be able to close the shutter when the door is open?

I open and close but manual and via scenes and automations.

Thankful for any help!

I have done this with an extra switch in front of the shutter controller. Else there remains always a risc…

Door open: shutter op 20s then turn off.
Door closed: wait 20s then tutn on.

I’m not quite sure how you mean with that.

Have you got some yaml that I can look at?

Who says yaml?

I use currently 2 program methods:

  1. in my Vera zwave controller -
    a. PLEG
    b. scenes
  2. home assistant - node-red

For your question specifically I have just a door sensor and a switch before the roller shutter.

I use 2 scenes:

  1. if door sensor opened, then open roller shutter, wait 20 seconds then switch off that switch.
  2. if door senor closed, wait 20 seconds then turn on that switch.

I can tell you how I did it with a scene in vera but not with yaml.

Sorry if that was what you were after, I just told you how I did it.

Ahh, okay, thanks, but I’m looking to do it in yaml :slight_smile: