Roller Shutter Card

Hi together, today i got my new roller shutter control from Rademacher and integrate it in my HA enviroment (> Rademacher Homepilot in Home Assistant).

In the next step i need to make it visible in my lovelace overviewā€¦That works when i open it in my browser:


But in the app on my smartphone i see only:

Can someone help me? :frowning:

double check that android system webview and/or chrome are fully up to date

I have the same problem. In my case every custom card does not appear. Although all of them do in the browser - also on the android devices. Chrome and webview did not help.

What information could i share to find a solution?

Thanks a lot in advance

Merry Christmas

you will want to work with the custom card author on these issuesā€¦more than likely they will need logs from chrome remote debugging but work with that author as its a custom card.