Roller Shutter configuration - MOES Smart Curtain Switch Module ZigBee

Hello, everyone,
I have installed a module for my roller shutter and am desperately trying to calibrate it.
I found that there is a wonderful ‘Manage Zigbee device’ from which I can potentially configure my ZigBee device.

First problem: my MOES device is seen as TUYA, but with some testing I realised by changing some values I can also set my MOES.
Once I had also found the attributes to modify in order to calibrate the MOES (e.g. the time in seconds to open or close the shutter) I realised that once the value is overwritten, it is not always set. Why?
I hypothesise that it is related to the slowness of homeassistant os which is installed on the raspberry and sometimes runs slow

Second question: Isn’t there a configuration file I can draw on from the terminal and change the values directly from there?

Third question: I’ve read on the Internet that there are quirks for setting these devices, but I honestly don’t understand much about them. Am I on the right track? Is there a guide for noobs?

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Somebody may already have put in a support request for your device. Have a look here:

This is a good introduction to quirks - it’s for developers, but tha basics are quite accessible: