Roller shutter driver from Banggood?

Has anyone had any chance to see this nice device:

Bluetooth only, but maybe it would be possible to control it from ESP Home?


you’ll need to buy one and reverse engineer the bluetooth.

But christ it is ugly. No WAF whatsoever.

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No programming skills on my side. Hence I am asking. I am kind of script kiddie - can adjust and apply something crested by someone else :frowning:

It looks like a copy of the successful Nordic project I have seen on Kickstarter or somewhere.

I have one that looks like it and it can be controlled with this

But due too low WAF it’s in the box instead of the wall

Is it really that ugly? I think, for the standard rollers it would be quite ok. Thanks for sharing the Pythoin project.

It kinda bulky for my taste

Maybe this one is better. It has tuya
#Aliexpress € 59,80 53%OFF | Zemismart Wifi Tuya Roller Schaduw Driver Diy Rolluik Motor Smart Leven Alexa Google Assistent Voice Control

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