Roller shutter in HADashboard

Hi I got in lovelace my shelly 2.5 roller shutter cover. I’m struggling to make it works also in HADashboard with no yoj,
In dash I got the same entity as in lovelace but here it does not works, in example widget_cover:.
Anyone can kind help me to direct me to the right code?
Thanks in advance
here my code in dashboard

  widget_type: cover
  title: Shade Living
  widget_style: "background-color: #446A8F"
  state_text: 1
  entity: cover.shelly_shsw_25_XXXXXX
  icon_on: mdi-circle
  icon_off: mdi-circle
  icon_style_on: "color: #F81704"
  icon_style_active: "top: 40%"
  icon_style_inactive: "color: #33ff4c; top: 40%"

I got this message warning in dashboard.

WARNING AppDaemon: Unknown domain (default/cover) in call_service from stream

And the widget cover does not works meanwhile in HA it is working very well.
Appdaemon ver. 4.04
Any suggestion?

Hi Raffi,

Did you use the shelly integration from hacs? It looks like the service is not availible. So the domain of the cover cant be found.
When you put in the shelly in HA en is discovered it is a 2 way switch. When you change this it will be a cover entity. Maybe you must reload it.

Yes I use integration. in HA it is discovered as cover. I reloaded a lot of time with no avail. But according to discord channel of appadaemon we discovered it is a docker appdaemon building not successful. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day