Roller shutter shown as window instead of shutter

How can I change the appearance of a zwave device?

In the GUI I can only choose between window, door, garage door and gate. There is no shutter…

I need this proper identification for HomeKit.

You can apply any icon using customize. Only one icon though, not one for open and one for closed. State colour will still work.

Yes, but HomeKit doesn’t care about icons. I need the proper definition.

Or am I missing something?

Definition of what?

A shutter is still a cover, like a window or door.

You can choose if it is a door in the GUI.

You said you did not want a door.

Yes, just an example :slight_smile:

I have found the solution.

    device_class: shutter

HA amazes me more and more about how simple things can be changed IF you know how.

That’s not quite correct. Should be:

      device_class: shutter