Roller shutters Automation - Shelly 2.5 get to hot and i am searching for an alternative

Hi there,

i am experimenting with our Roller shutters cause i want to automate them :smiley:

At first i odered a shelly 2.5 because that is very easy to integrate and indeed is working very well.

But personally i find this thing too hot. When it´s installed in-wall behind the switch for the roller it is getiing to about 65 to 70 degress and i don´t feel comfortable with that. With all that wiring and stuff it is pretty dense in there and everything gets hot. Seriously, the switch gets so warm that you can heat your fingers. Counting in that the normal cables are certified to 70 degress i personally don´t want that to use.

Despite it is working very well and does not cost much.

But i am lacking an alternative solution and hope you can guide me in a direction.

Ideally i want:

  • Still having a manual switch to control roller shutters
  • Controlling via WiFi/Zigbee
  • Easy to integrate in Home Assistant
  • no cloud / LAN only
  • Just buy and use, i dont want to buy extra stuff for flashing

Most of the stuff i found is “Smart Life” / “Tuya” which looks a little shady from its integration.
Am I wrong.
Is there anything i missed?
I my wishlist too needy?


Hi, did you flash with esphome?

If yes read this:

I know also qubino or fibaro roller shutters get “handwarm”. I also think the inside can get hot 60,70 degrees with shelly but this might a well be with the zwave devices but not reported…?


no it is running the latest shelly firmware.
A little handwarm would be ok for me. But this things are getting really hot. (considered that they are most often installed in places without space i really thing this is a downside.)

Maybe i am just a little to carefull, but when i can feel how hot this thing gets through the actual hardware switch of the roller (so the shelly is behind this) i am a little concerned.

If i could chosse i want something like this, but not Homematic :smiley:

Hello networkingcat,

did you find a good alternative? I‘m just starting with all that smarthome stuff, but my next step will be the automation of our roller shutters.

Take care