Room-Assistant with Home-Assistant BLE Advice


I wasn’t sure whether to post here or on the Room-Assistant docker help page, but as I think the (my!) “problem” is at the Home Assistant end I’m posting here first.

Im running Home Assistant Core (core-2021.12.10) on a QNAP NAS and I’m trying my hand at some presence detection. I’ve got room-assistant ( set up in container station (docker) and Mosquitto MQTT as an app on the NAS. I have a bluetooth dongle in the NAS which is available (I think) via TTY on the Room-Assistant container.

As far as I can see everything is set up correctly. Room-Assistant has defined Lounge-NAS as cluster leader and Home Assistant has set up a corresponding device and two entities via MQTT discovery. So far so good.

I have a few devices that have BLE but figured, path of lease resistance, was to test using the already esposed and configured sensor for BLE from my phone (running Home Assistant for android).

So as not to add entitities for 100’s of ever changing BLE nodes, I’ve tied the config yaml on room assistant down to two devices, my phone and my wife’s phone BLE using the UUID.

  instanceName: lounge-NAS
    - homeAssistant
    - bluetoothLowEnergy
    - 'dde7f514b50a4a71ac742f3aa482db29-100-1'
    - '4825737ce9344ab8a9fc469b9de7bf0f-100-1'
  maxDistance: 3
      name: Ryan_BLE_Phone_RA
      name: Jo_BLE_Phone_RA
  mqttUrl: 'mqtt://'

My house isn’t very big and at present I only have one cluster set up (NAS in lounge) so I set the max distance to 3m to cover me for most of my living room but not half the street!.

At 1.35pm my phone shows up on the room-assistant log (attached):

{"log":"1/31/2022, 1:35:30 PM - \u001b[32minfo\u001b[39m - BluetoothLowEnergyService: Discovered nearby BLE peripheral dde7f514b50a4a71ac742f3aa482db29-100-1 with ID dde7f514b50a4a71ac742f3aa482db29-100-1 and RSSI -77\r\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2022-01-31T13:35:30.357142926Z"}

Also at 1.36pm this sets up corresponding sensors in home-assistant based on my naming convention in the room-assistant config:

device: Ryan_BLE_Phone_RA

At this point I notice that the sensors are marked as not_home and away.

Sitting typing this from my settee less than a metre from the NAS I know this not to be true.

Any idea how to trouble shoot this? I’ve linked to the room-assistant log for reference.

If I had to take a guess given QNAP recent blocking of external devices I’d say that the bluetooth dongle in my NAS isn’t actually doing anything, although i’m unsure how i’d check that. At first I asssumed that it was OK as room-assistant and home-assistant were happy to set up the Lounge-NAS cluster but perhaps that would happen regardless.

Any help most appreciated.



CHange this wihtout the quote :
- dde7f514b50a4a71ac742f3aa482db29-100-1
- 4825737ce9344ab8a9fc469b9de7bf0f-100-1

I’m experiencing a similar issue. Fresh install following the guide on room-assistants site. When I go into Home Assistant or look at my MQTT Explorer, I do not see my Pixel 5 being detected/tracked. I do see the node cluster sensors being setup, but that is it.