Room aware Google routine that triggers different HA script


I currently have an automation in Google home that’s using a home assistant script in its actions to turn on devices in my living room when I say ‘turn on tv’ or ‘lets watch tv’, this works fine but is there a way that I can have the script called specific to the room I’ve asked it in?

I’d like to be able to say ‘turn on tv’ or ‘lets watch tv’ in my bedroom and have Google run a different script in its actions specifically for the bedroom, currently it just runs the same script regardless of which room I’m in.

Does anybody know of a solution for this?

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As far as I know google does not expose what assistant device sent or received the request, so in simple terms no.

You could try playing with some logic in HA depending on your household setup and what other sensors you have available to you.

You could for a really simple example have the automation or script decide to activate a particular tv based on what room with a google assistant last or currently has motion etc

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve not currently got any motion sensors but will look to pick up a few Aqara p2s in the future, so this could be a possible solution if there isn’t a simple fix

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