Room thermostat (cheap NEST alternative)

Hi. Does anybody has any idea for cheap thermometer with display and possibility to set temperature? I want to set temperature in the room and send actual room temperature + choosen temperature to HA (via wifi, zigbee etc.).

This device should only sent info about actual room temperature and user choosen temperature (and display them on the device). Nothing more. Everything else will be done by HA.



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One of the basic Honeywell thermostats. That’s what I have and it’s really all you need if all the smarts are going to be in HASS.

@DrZzs has a nice video using a D1mini, relays, and a temp sensor. In the video he is doing a setup for using a few of these around his home with the brains being in homeassistant. Sounds like a similar use case to yours. It’s kind of obvious, but in the video he uses three relays (Heat/AC/Fan) but you may very well only need one. He even shows how to setup the Nest card in lovelace.

Check it out:

(I’d also strongly recommend the rest of his videos - he’s great)

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Thanks guys but I´m not sure if you understand. I need a small nice device which will be hanged on wall in every room. This device should have nice display and some buttons (or touchscreen). This device should show actual temperature in the room and preset temperature. This device should also send those info to HA (any wireless way). Of course with word cheap still in mind.

Thanks. But maybe nicer - cheaper? Stiil in hope there is some china factory made device.


What honeywell is that exactly? Is it a hot water & heating one?

Thanks. But maybe nicer - cheaper? Stiil in hope there is some china factory made device.

Are you familiar with the thermostats mentioned in this thread?

Perhaps there is something in Beok’s product line that fits your requirements.

I have no experience with any of their products. I only mention it because I saw it being discussed in this forum (and in the openHAB forum).

Sorry I meant to say more, but unfortunately accidentally hit reply, got distracted and forgot to fix it!

I’d still favour an esp coupled with some sort of screen. Program with mqtt to represent an mqtt climate component, job done. Well apart from some 3d printing for a bevel.

These seem cloud based and somwhat insecure.

They are if you want to use the app. Otherwise you can lock their internet access, as long as the HA server can access it, it’s enough !

It fits the cheap requirement, not that much the nice looking ?

This is the newer version of the one I have.

Do you use your Honeywell thermostats on the cloud, or is there a component or platform in Home Assistant?

Both… the HASS component connects to the Honeywell cloud

Agree @nickrout this would be best solution. Others are far expensive. If the case will be well made it should look OK. Thanks.

I had the same thought and am trying to do the same thing using the ZigBee enabled Bitron Thermostats here in Europe (aka “Bitron AV2010/32”). It’s a simple 2x AA-battery powered wall plate which you can find around 25 Euros which sends actual and set/target temperature to HA using my Zigbee2MQTT bridge. The initial pairing with the bridge was a bit tough but once I got it to pair I can send and push set temperatures via HA/MQTT without issues.

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Have You found something ?

Out of interest, what are you using the boiler side?
Or does it come with a boiler controller too?

(I am assuming it is wireless rather than wired as you said its powered by AA batteries?)