Roomba Automation doesn't start, any easy way to debug?

I’ve been using the following Automation to trigger Roomba cleaning if we’re not at home and more than 2 days passed since the automation had last been executed using the configuration noted here

The automation hasn’t been triggered for whatever reason, any idea how to resolve this ?

You’re going to need to determine if the trigger is not firing, or if the conditions are not getting met, or if the action is not working.

Step 1: manually trigger the automation. This bypasses the trigger and the conditions, and simply runs the action. If the robot runs, then the action is fin.

Step 2: trigger. Location based triggers are tricky to troubleshoot, My best advice is remove all the conditions, and see if the automation runs when you are gone for an hour. One note, if you have any other “zones” defined, like “work” for example, and you move into one of those zones, you will no longer be “Not home” and your trigger will not fire.

So assuming you gotten this far, and your trigger fires, now you are down to troubleshooting conditions.
Add them back one at a time to see what works. I assume you have the real name of the automation in your conditions file, and not the automation_name like you have in your pastebin code.

Pay attention to the values in the developer-tools/states <> tool it can be super helpful in troubleshooting these kinds of problems.

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As they usual say - god is in the details :slight_smile:
The automation_name placeholder was wrong in one of the conditions as you suggested @treno

‘{{ as_timestamp(now()) - as_timestamp(states.automation.automation_name.attributes.last_triggered) | int > 172800 }}’

And the correct one in my case:

‘{{ as_timestamp(now()) - as_timestamp(states.automation.start_roomba_while_we_are_away.attributes.last_triggered) | int > 172800 }}’

Thanks for your help and time !