Roomba configuration issues

I’ve added my Roomba to HA and it seems to be working. However I have a few questions about it.

Firstly, I find the “actions” confusing. When I create an automation to turn on the Roomba, there are only two available actions: “Let ‘roomba device’ clean” and “Let ‘roomba device’ return to the dock”. To me, the use of the word “Let” suggests that something else would actually trigger the action and this automation is only enabling the other thing to take effect. Why are the actions named this way?

Secondly, when the Roomba was being controlled by the iRobot app, its light was off except when it was cleaning or during the first minute or so of charging. Now the light is always on, which seems like a (admittedly minor) waste of energy. Is there a way to get it to turn off?

Finally, how do I add a control card for it to the Overview? The other items HA controls (4 Wyze smartplugs) just appeared when I set them up. It would be handy to be able to start and stop the Roomba through the same type of On/Off slider as the smart plugs.


I figured out why the “actions” are labelled the way they are. It seems like they don’t actually instigate an action. The “Let roomba device clean” actually seems to pause the Roomba if it activates before the allowed time. The actual start time time is set through the iRobot app, not Home Assistant.

The “Let roomba device return to the dock” doesn’t seem to do anything. It returns when its battery gets low whatever the time.

I suspect this is why I can’t control my roomba (690) from the overview panel. The home assistant add-on can’t actually control the roomba very well (just seems able to pause it) so there is only a “status” card that I can view but no way of actually controlling the roomba.