Roomba coordinates and map

I have an iRobor Roomba 960 (R960020). Not even in the app I am able to see a map while vacuuming or sending the robot to a particular destination. However, AFTER a job has been done, it shows the map.

Now with the iRobot integration when I click on the entity vacuum.roomba, I see under attributes:

Position: (110, 23, 6)

While vacuuming, this position changes in real-time. So it seems the position is reported to Home Assistant!

  • Which units are these coordinates?
  • Is it possible to use this data somehow? How can I get access to the “attributes” of an entity?
  • Is it possible to show these coordinates on a (calibrated) floorplan?

How did you integrate it? IIUC, rest980 should allow you to see the map real-time.

Sending robot to specific coordinates – I am not sure if the dorita980 allows that. The same applies to software-defined virtual walls. However, it seems that some functions (e.g., software-defined virtual walls; i7 has it, i3 doesn’t) are allowed only in some model. I think it is related to the navigation methods – if developers are confident enough about the navigation, they allow you doing more.

I just use the normal iRobot Roomba integration in HA (see iRobot Roomba and Braava - Home Assistant). Not rest980. As I said, even this normal (cloud based, I assume) integration reports the coordinates, so a map should be possible.

I am actually getting confused with all these projects: The Roomba extension I mentioned above, dorita980, rest980. Then there is GitHub - jeremywillans/ha-rest980-roomba: HA iRobot Roomba Configuration using rest980. What is the best & recommended way to integrate a 960 (R9660020) into HA and which package(s) should I chooses?

The best way definitely depends on your needs.

a. Maybe you want to make a simple automation that starts cleaning on some event and control everything else via the official app. In this case, anything that can start your Roomba might be good enough.
b. Maybe you want to disconnect your Roomba from cloud. In this case, you’ll want to replicate the official app functions (or at least some relevant subset).

Also, dorita980 and rest980 aren’t two separate options. Rest980 is just a REST frontend for dorita980. I’ve seem few articles of integrating dorita980 to Home Assistant, e,g.,

My knowledge of Roomba is quite limited. I’ve just made some research, but haven’t bought one yet.