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Roomba i7 support


trying to get the map working. What is the local url part of the web page supposed to be? I set my directories to www/spot . and www/spot/res


In my config I have it as

map: True
map_dir: www/roomba
icon_dir: /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.6/site-packages/roomba/res/

Then to view my camera in home assistant I did this.


  • platform: local_file
    file_path: /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/www/roomba/map_notext.png
    name: Vacuum Map

Got it, thanks


what did you use for the image files that go in the res directory?


I am trying to remember but I think I just copied these. https://github.com/NickWaterton/Roomba980-Python/tree/master/roomba/res


got it. finally just cloned it and got everything. Now we need him to make it so it converts these files to a movie we can watch later instead of just watching it real time.


Would be nice to have the map also in the default component. Don’t know how much work that is/possible.


Finally had to go away from this and back to the standard component. The roomba component has enough problems in itself without adding confusion to trouble shooting it by running a custom_component. Hopefully this will get moved in as the standard component.



Is this still working for you? I’m on 92.2 and I’m getting the file not found error…HA seem to have restructure the custom component format recently…not sure how to fix…


Still works for me. A couple releases ago custom components needed to be re-organized. Make sure it is now ‘custom_components\roomba\vacuum.py’. So basically rename the vacuum folder to roomba and the roomba.py to vacuum.py.