Roomba showing unavailable

I just bought a Roomba (671) and wanted to see if I could configure it on HA. I found the Roomba Component and put that in the configuration.

Configure Roomba Robot vaccum


  • platform: roomba
    username: 3162C92041202837
    password: :1:1532128552:amspSS1tiTsw2R9

However, I get a error saying Roomba is unavailable in HA.

Do I need to put the username and password in quotes? Or the Roomba I bought isn’t supported?

I used the following link to get the BLID and Password

Is there a specific way to put those in or am I doing something wrong?

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I couldn’t connect to my Roomba but I just found out my BLID changed due to changing to a new static IP. The BLID is a string too so everything in quotes worked for me.

Are you noticing a constant connection to your vacuum? I have the same vacuum and continuous mode off and Home Assistant is constantly connecting to the Roomba.

Thanks for any help

Yes this is happening to me as well. The green LED “clean” never goes off.


Has this caused any problems for you? Is the LED “clean” still always on?