RoomMe sensor

So I just discovered this new product, and my first thought was how cool this would be in HA and that other people would like it. Basically it is a sensor that identifies everyone in your house. It also is supposed to work offline to, so less worry about spying or whatever.

I don’t have one and probably won’t get one, but I thought some of you guys might think it is a cool product even though things like locking the door can already be done with sensors that detect your phone on wifi or Bluetooth or whatever.

#cosign RoomMe looks bada$$

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API docs:

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I’ve just picked up a couple of these, and think they would be a good addition to the HA family in support of presence detection.

The api seems pretty straightforward as it will just do a http post to the ip and port you specify.

New api link attached -

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Great, let us know if it works good! Maybe ill buy one too and try to figure out the api

Hi @shanem

Things are going well with them so far, I’ve got it pointed to HomeBridge at the moment, and while the app can be a little fussy, it’s got potential.

API wise - I raised this post a short while back If you can find out a way to work it into HA that would be awesome…