Rosh Chodesh sensor in Jewish Calendar

I use the jewish calendar integration a lot and would like a way to know when it is Rosh Chodesh. Ideally, I can do this by parsing the hebrew date and noticing if it is 1 or 30, however I cannot know what Rosh Chodesh it is, specifically for 30th of Cheshvan - is tomorrow Adar I or just Adar? A sensor with more detatils (None for no Rosh Chodesh vs a dict of first/second day and what month Rosh Chodesh it is) would be really nice for a lot of my automations.

Note that I don’t think Rosh Hashana should be considered Rosh Chodesh Tishrei.

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to your question but I have a similar issue. I’d like to schedule the Yurtzaits of my Parents on the Jewish Calendar date, but so far I have not seen how to do that in HA.

+1 for me - I’d love Rosh Chodesh on my dashboard!
It would be great if this could be added optionally to the chag sensor!

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Same here I would also like to see this sensor added to be able to know when it’s Rosh Chodesh

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Would like to have this as well

@tsvi Any idea what can be done here? I am happy to contribute but am having trouble setting up my IDE…

Well, once this gets merged:

I think this should support that.

Another option would be to contribute rosh chodesh to the py-libhdate project and it will be reported as a holiday and holiday type. See here: