Rotary dimmer with special features - Heatit?

Hi there

I am looking for rotary dimmers that can be integrated via Z-Wave. I found the below models, so far so good. I would love to have a dimmer that fades in and fades out while being turned on or off. I already searched in the forum for such devices and it seems that it can be done via transition (if supported) or the dimmer supports it as a hardware-feature. The transition feature is working, but the fading looks kind of step-by-step and not gradual, it just doesnt look natural.

My question: Does anyone have the rotary dimmer from Heatit and could check if it supports fade-in or alternatively called turn-on delay? I have already tested it with the Ecodim and unfortunately it only supports fade-out.

I know its a very specific question and of course I could also live without this feature, but it would just another bit of an extra for me :wink:

all the best


Fading steps not depends only on dimmer, if you prefer LED lamps.
Controllers, placed in every dimmable LED, may have only small amount of steps.
Z-Wave dimmer have 99 steps, but not every lamp can handle it.

thanks for your reply, very interesting. yeah actually I prefer LED lamps and tried other lamps. at least in my case all lamps were dimmed the same way, in other words the dimming looks similiar with all three lamps I tested.

it seems more complicate than I thought especially because it depends on the dimmer as well as the LED lamps.