Rotary zigbee switch for ceiling fan to work with home assistant

Hello friends

I’m looking for a rotary zigbee switch to control the power and speed of traditional ceiling fan with home assistant. I found some with wifi but it doesnt meet my requirment and they are touch type or separate device to make it smart .
As I’m using Aqara light switch 3 gang for other lights I need something which can match aesthetically as they will be next to each other on wall. Could you please suggest something which can fit in 86mmx86mm wall box ?

Thank you

I’m using Ikea zigbee rotary dimmers that might work but they don’t meet your requirements regarding design.
I think it will be difficult to find something that fits with what you already have.

You could look for a zigbee push button and I have seen automation’s used to dim/brighten a light.