Rotate photo after camera snapshot is captured - Hassio in Docker on Ubuntu

Hi, all - Any suggestions for a fast and straightforward way to rotate an image by 90deg AFTER a snapshot has been captured in Hassio? I need to rotate the image before sending it in a notification. Set up:

  • Hassio 0.94.1 in Docker container on Ubuntu 18.04
  • AI Thinker ESP32-cam using ESPHome - Cannot rotate camera image at source, only mirror or flip; The camera board iitself must stay in its current (rotated) orientation in order to fit where it needs to.
  • No AppDaemon or Node-RED installed

My first thought was to use Pillow in a Python script to rotate the image, but it looks like I can’t install additional Python libraries in Hassio without creating a custom component. That’s not something that I’d like to tackle for such a small task. [Or, is creating a custom component less complicated than I think? My Python skills are pretty basic.]

I assume that I could use AppDaemon or Node-RED for this task if there’s no more straightforward method. Is that correct? I’ve dabbled a little bit in both before but neither is currently installed.

I’m also thinking that I could maybe use Pillow in another Docker container…

Any ideas welcome. Hopefully, I’m overlooking the easy answer. Thanks.