Rotel Amplifier integration via MQTT

I wrote an integration between an A12 Rotel Amplifier (which communicates over an RS232 port) and Home Assistant through MQTT, here:

The integration requires a daemon to bridge between RS232 and MQTT, which can be run as follows, assuming the MQTT broker and RS232 ports are set correctly:

docker run --rm --name rotel --device=/dev/ttyUSB1 \ \
  rotel -mqtt localhost:1883 -tty /dev/ttyUSB1

You can then create a card that looks like this:


If that’s of any interest, happy for any pull requests or issues.

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This is amazing. Been looking to integrate my A12 into my HA set up for a long time with no luck. I’ll grab a serial-to-USB soon and give it a try!

did you succeed ? I don’ t know how to make the container container ?