Round icon for Android

For everyone with a Pixel (which uses all round icons by default), the current square HA icon sticks out like a sore thumb. A round icon would be great and look more “native” is it were.

I’m not sure web-pages are able to send round variants of their icons. And starting with Android 8, even that wouldn’t be sufficient: with adaptive icons, a phone may want any shape for the icons.

Hmm, that makes sense. I might just photoshop the square logo to make it round myself then.

Edit: If someone stumbles on this thread, here is the icon I’ve made for myself.

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I’m building an android app for home assistant at the moment. this is the logo I created

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Cheers, started making one myself and thought someone must’ve done it already :slight_smile:

Using it in Nova on my Oreo’d Nexus 5X to lose the little Chrome roundel it plasters on links now.

Big thanks for the icon. I am on android MM and I want one that looks different from all my square Icons. A google image search for a 500 x 500 png turned this one up immediately.