Round number in Data_template

Good evening!

I have this as an action in an automation

  command: >
    {% set Data = states('sensor.1_utetemp_355') %} {% set output =
    'setvar=:=UTETEMP=:='+Data %} {{output}} 
service: joaoapps_join.pixel_3_xl_send_tasker

It works as intended and sends


to tasker on my phone.
How do I round the number at the end, so that it becomes


I have searched the forum and played around in the template editor, but I cant find the solution.
Sorry if my english is bad, writing from sweden.

  command: >
    {{ 'setvar=:=UTETEMP=:=' ~ states('sensor.1_utetemp_355') | float | round }}

Thank you, that works perfect!