I was reading the release notes for .99 and I noticed a new custom element called round-slider

I really like it and would like to use it, but I can’t figure how how to install it. Do I just copy over the src/main.js to www?

This should help, I hope.

Oh, it was already included, that makes sense.

Well I am an idiot. Thanks.

But why only lights? :frowning:

Such card can be very useful in many areas, for example number inputs.

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I feel your pain.

Hopefully someone with the right skill set will make a custom card from the code

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Try this

Edit: having looked closer I don’t think you change the value with the horseshoe, it’s just for displaying a value (I think).

Unfortunately, I lack the skills. But I would appreciate this as well. Hacking the light card is a pain.