Round template (sensor) to n decimal places, including ending 0's

Hi all,

I found countless posts on how to round to 1/2/3/n decimal places with different solutions.

round(n) is by far the most suggested/utilized by the member of this community, including me. Unfortunately this solution technically works fine but I’d like to see 0’s instead of blank space in the lovelace.

{{ 1.234|round(2) }}
{{ 1.230|round(2) }}
{{ 1.200|round(2) }}
{{ 1.000|round(2) }}

Actual Result


Wanted Result when seen in Lovelace:


Is anyone aware of a solution to this?
This only bothers me because when I pull one of these sensors out in the lovelace I see something like:

1.58 £
1.59 £
1.6 £
1.61 £
1.62 £

And this triggers me quite a lot.
I tried adding device_class: monetary to the sensor but doesn’t help.

Anyone has a workaround?

The only workaround is to prepend/append one or more characters to the number so that it is forced to be interpreted as a string value.

For more information, refer to this post:

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I was testing with a different approach and I saw that this was working for a few people.

{{ '%.2f' | format(1.6) }} £

1.60 £

Surprisingly, it only works if you include the “ £” at the end, otherwise, without, won’t work anymore…

{{ '%.2f' | format(1.6) }}


I’m even more confused…

Looks like we’ve got to wait for the lovelace to be able to understand that a given value is monetary (device_class: monetary) and visualize it in the correct way.

It’s because of how the “native types” feature works (explained in the linked post). If the template’s output looks like a floating point number, it is handled as a floating point number. So the string ‘1.2000’ becomes 1.2 because there’s no need to represent a floating point number with trailing zeros.

However, if you include a non-numeric character in the string then the “native types” feature cannot interpret it as an integer or floating point number so it’s handled as a string.

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