Router disconnection freezes HA

Hello, I’ve Hassbian but I’m having problems. When my router (TPlink Deco M5) lose the internet signal, HA freeze. It’s impossibile to use the frontend and all the connections to the ddns don’t work. I’m using the last HA version on python 3.5, raspberry is connected with ethernet cable.
Any ideas how to solve it? The problem is very annoying. Thank you!!

Get a better Internet provider?

Umm, if you’re accessing via dynamic dns, and your router doesn’t have an Internet connection, you’re kinda screwed.

You’re going to have to setup something on your home network to route the traffic internally, there are some posts around the forum with various options to do this, but I’d be finding out why I keep losing the connection if it was me :+1:

Have you tried https://[local HA IP]:8123 ?
On Chrome, you’ll get warning but you can click through to access HA.
Test by unplugging your modem/router connection.

Theres a few options. You can use a lan frontend or add a hostname entry that points to your ddns name. First and foremost figure out why your stuff is crashing.

The problem is different: HA was very slow and a single disconnection usually was creating problems to the UI loading (After reconnecting).

I found the problem: dehydrated and duckdns. Excluding them i solved ALL my problems…but i’m using HA only in my local network. Any tips?

drop duckdns and go with something else?

check out I’ve been using it for years without issue

Thank you, I’ll try!