Router with Modem Combi or Just Router?

I currently have an Openreach fibre modem on the wall into which my EE router is connected. I am looking to upgrade the router for something more configurable that also gives better speed in the house.

My question is, with the Openreach fibre modem on the wall do I need a modem/router combi or just a router? I want to avoid having to link via my existing router as modem if possible.

I am not familiar with your modem it looks similar to what is used in my country.
Just buy a good router like netgear/dlink/asus and connect its wan side to your fibre box. Set your fibre router to pass through (no firewalling).

The ISP’s modems usually have small routing tables which overflow after a few days and then they hang. The Netgear Blackhawk I have does not have this problem and the wireless is bulletproof although I do run a second WAP at the other end of the house on the same SSID but different channel.

How would I secure it with no firewall though?

You place a quality router behind it and use that. I just upgraded my fibre connection at work this week and did this again. The ISP sent me a modem fully configured including a 4G backup connection. I placed that in front of my business grade rack mount Dlink DSR500AC router. Then I disabled the firewall on the ISP’s modem. That way I did not have to change any of my network. Then I did not have to change any of this…