Rpi 3b+ Influxdb , grafana


I’m running home assistant with an external ssd usb disk on a rpi3B+.

I want to save and compare for ex. Electric data over years. Therefore I want to put everything in influxdb and create visuals with grafana.

Is my configuration capable of running HA, influxdb and grafana all together ?

I also have a rpi2 , is it better to run it on a separate device ?

I run the 3 of them on a rpi4 4 Gb and it’s fine.

Now rpi4 is quite a step up above rpi3b+. I doubt 1Gb ram will suffice. Influxdb tends to be ram hungry.

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Hi Chris,

I have a rpi3B+ with 2gb ram.

Otherwise I will buy a rpi4 with 4gb ram :slight_smile:

Yeah, probably a safer bet to buy a rpi4 than spend hours building before possibly coming to the conclusion that it was in vain.

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Will do! Thanks so far!