Rpi 4 - HomeAssistance 4.11

Good afternoon to all
I’m new in this forum and in HomeAssistance

Today I installed the SO -hassos_rpi4-4.11.img- on 64GB Sd card
All is OK, but the system ask me login and password, but I don’t know them
So, I need to connect HASSOS to my wifi, but I don’t know where I need to setup the my wifi information.
I read some documents but all are for old version of HASSOS.

here I write the configuration of my SD card

Volume from 268 MB

can someone help me to configure the access to my wifi?
and can you help me to understand where I find the login data?

thanks to all for your help

Try this… https://www.home-assistant.io/getting-started/

if you read it carefully it explain what you need to do for setting wifi on you RPI

But I haven’t any volume called CONFIG, for this reason I don’t know where I have to create the folder Network and inside save the file my-network
can you tell me what is the CONFIG volume?
I have only these 4 volumes in my USB stick
Volume from 268 MB


Aha, bit of cross wired definitions here… the docs assume a standard sd card install. Therefore, references to HA volumes are meant to point to the sd card. The mention of usbstick with respect to wifi setup, is referring to a separate usb stick only used for configuring wifi on a pi. That ‘usb volume’ has nothing to do with the HA image on your usb stick… you need a second usb stick here, and your first usb stick is called an ‘sd card’ in the docs.

Welcome to the forums BTW!

On a sidenote… running off a ‘usb stick’ is not a great idea due to lack of wear leveling and high db writes. Generally, an sd card or usb flash will eventually fail from this. Consider getting a cheap usb ssd to run off of instead… better long term reliability.

thanks for your welcome
I understand, so I have taken a new USB stick and format FAT32, named “CONFIG”, created folder network, and file my-network
from examples I created the network’s configuration, and put the second USB stick in the free USB port, and run the system.
But the boot stopped every time to
Welcome to Home Assistance
homeassistance login:

I don’t know the default user and password, or there is other way to solve it?