Rpi 4 image - no ip address

This is my first shot at this - I imaged HA onto my rpi4 using the rpi imager. It booted up, however something failed and scrolled off the screen - I am assuming maybe network as it does not have an ip address. I am trying to use wifi as I don’t technically have a wired network in my temporary house. Is using wifi not supported? So thinking about it obviously wifi isn’t going to currently work as it hasn’t joined my wifi network… and looking at the network command on the cli I don’t see anyway of joining it… if anyone could nudge me in the right direction here I’d appreciate it. Thanks

never mind, I put it next to my router, where it will ultimately live anyway, and plugged a network cable direct from router to it and it works now and I can get into the web ui and. configure wifi if I wanted to, but from what I read this isn’t recommended. Lost my house in Colorado marshal wildfire and I am building a new house that will of course have network cabling and a datacenter etc, but I’ve been getting by in my temporary housing with just wifi. Sorry for the waste of bandwidth.