RPi 4 setup just died?

I setup an RPi4 about 2 weeks ago.
All was good until about yesterday.
I could no longer access HA.
I rebooted and nothing.
My router is showing the device active.
I can’t ping it.
I thought possibly the last plugin (Samba) may have caused a problem, so I wiped the installed and started from scratch.
Same issue: simply can’t access the device, ping or anything.
Hard wired setup, getting activity on the nic, router shows device exists (when powered on).


did you setup setup static ip for the device? please check if you are pinging the correct ip.

No, but it appears the router is still giving it the same IP based on the mac addr.
When I turn the device off, it drops off the router.
I did run a fing scan and neither the device nor IP addr show up.

Did you try rebooting your router after making the new install?

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But I am watching the network map refresh, sometimes the Pi drops off the list, then it comes back.
I’ll give a router reboot a try later.

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Reboot complete, no change…I spoke too soon.

Just as I was downloading Ubuntu Mate to load up and see if that works, I tried one last ping, and got responses, so now it came back up.

While I don’t know what would be different with the router reboot, I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.

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