RPi 4b as Bluetooth Proxy for Oral-B

Recently got my daughter an Oral-B toothbrush that has Bluetooth. I have the integrations loaded and it connects fine, but her bathroom is upstairs and out of range of my HA instance downstairs. I have a pile of RPi’s laying around, so thought i might could use one of those. Not much turned up on search for BL proxy with RPi. Anybody done this or know of some documentation on how do to it?

I’ll buy an ESP32 if i have too, but since i have all these laying around…


A RPi 4 seems… Excessive… for just a BT Proxy. Why not just sell one and buy half a dozen ESP32s? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I do get ‘using what you have’ but I’m not aware of it being possible.

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Agreed, it is excessive, but i have like 10 of them laying around not being used. Figured i’d see if it’s possible. If not, i’ll just buy a few ESP32 boards and do it.

It might be possible to install a second HASS instance on the remote RPi4 and link state events back to the first, but in reality - buy an ESP32 and use ESPhome’s proxy.

It’s one of those classic engineering tradeoffs - you technically can make glass from beach sand, but the hardware store is orders of magnitude easier! :slight_smile:

I’d also suggest one of the other M5-Stack ESP32-C3’s for Matter testing, or even ATOM Echo tiny cube with a digital mic to try Assist voice commands. Justify the hardware cost with the savings in power consumption! :laughing: