Rpi alternative

It’s all here.


If you are rebuilding, do the transfer to disk first.

Great, thanks.

I had an PCengines board running with FreeBSD for about 12 years and it has never failed me. Now upgraded to their APU2 platform. For my home automation I want stability as the $WifeAcceptanceFactor is crucial for it’s success.

APU2 still boot from SD card?

I’m rocking an old Xserve, https://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-XSERVE-A1279-2x-INTEL-XEON-E5520-2-26GHz-3GB-RAM-NO-DRIVES/232714994723?hash=item362ee50423:g:KoYAAOSwaadavSMd

Definitely not for everyone but extremely stable with ecc ram and enterprise architecture… Plus its my webserver/storage server/dns server/mail server

You shouldn’t need this - I don’t

If you want to run hassio off a USB drive then see here USB Boot on Raspberry Pi 3

Or for moree step-by-step instructions I did a blog post here with screenshots here.

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Only the Pi 3 can get by without it.

you are using a Pi 3 according to the post i was replying to.

You’re right, I could have gone without the SD.

It has an mSata drive. Read-only boot from an SD card is possible, but why bother? :slight_smile:

Hi mf_social, would you mind sharing your Wyse model number please? I have been looking on eBay for something that is Intel based so that I can rebuild a Docker stack with containers that are built for i386 instead of trying to make this work with armhf builds for the RPi that never gets updated. Thanks

Mine’s the non-wifi (if that’s not a different model anyway) D50D. :+1:

Sorry, didn’t see this post before - £35 :+1:

I’m also thinking of moving my HA from RPi3 to other Linux based mini pc due to issue with SD card wear and tear.

I’m wondering has anyone tried this China made mini PC known as VNOPN K800?


It has Intel CPU, more ram, built in battery backup, 32GB eMMC storage, Gigabit ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth.

I am also thinking of moving HA from RPI. So far i like dell wyse (don’t know which model to go for) or also checked Acer Veriton VL4620G. Anyone has any more cheaper options with less power consumption.

Looking at wyse’s myself but unsure on model. Few d90d7 boxes going cheap on eBay and a z90d7 but trying to figure out how they compare boost wise to the rpi3 I’m currently using

If your not after more cpu power, it is possible to boot the raspberry pi off a usb device (such as an ssd or spinning hdd)

Andreas Spiess has a video on youtube where he tests a few different setups.

maybe a rock64 also has an eMMC storage chip and is much cheaper and power friendly and up to 4gb RAM.

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I think the RPi 3 runs HA fantastically and I have a LOT of automations and components. I too had issues with the durability of SD cards, but about a year ago I bought an industrial grade SD. Haven’t had any issues since then.


I am looking in to a replacement of my pi. The odroid xu4 looks very promising. Does someone knows if the gpio connectors works the same way as with the pi and works with home assistant? I currently use the gpio on the raspberry with HASSbian in a virtual environment but want to use it with a odroid perhaps.