RPi Bluetooth and USB BT Dongle at same time?


I previously added a ZEXMTE USB BT dongle to my HA RPi4 via a usb hub and extension cable. This seemed to work fine and both the on-board BT and the USB BT were listed in the Bluetooth integration within Home Assistant. About 3 weeks ago (maybe around the time of 2023.3 but not 100% sure) I was getting a message stating that the integration could not see/find the MAC address for the USB BT dongle so I removed it from the integration. I have verified that it works by testing it with a laptop and put it back in the hub. HA seems to recognize that it is connected to the USB hub and sees it as a Realtek Bluetooth 5.1 radio on /dev/bus/usb/001/005. Any idea why it can’t be seen/added back to the integration? Should I have been able to have both working at the same time in the first place?